File managed entire folder Drupal

Some information on managed and unmanaged files in Drupal

If a file is on a certain folder of the webserver within the Drupal folders it does not mean that Drupal knows it!

When Drupal “store” the presence of a certain file (i.e. public://myfile.pdf) it became a managed file.

You can add a file to managed with file_save_data function.

Luckly or unfortunaly a function that manage an entire directory of files, maybe in a recursive way, is not present in Drupal core.

How to import a folder of files to Drupal?

I create a script to this in a clean and easy way.

Note that dpm function is provided with a contrib module: Devel.


I have used this functionality to put lots of images in the media library (made with Media module) and make them available for redactors.

Drupal 7 blocks external frame due to X-Frame-Options

As documented ( Drupal comunity removed the possibility to embedd a Drupal site into an external frame to avoid clickjacking.

The problem

Basically you can not put an external Drupal website into an iFrame anymore, if you try to embedd a website with X-Frame-Options restrictions you will get a browser console error stating something like this

because it set ‘X-Frame-Options’ to ‘sameorigin’

This behavior is obtained in drupal_deliver_html_page (in in which it is checked what I show you below:

To see your Drupal website displayed into a frame of an external website you must change X-Frame-Options (or remove it).

The solution

Although Drupal documentation ( explains that you can remove the X-Frame-Options header via the page_alter, I discovered that under certain conditions this strategy does not work at all.

In my case I was able to surf the site from a Frame only if I was logged in with an active session.

To achieve a better solution, my suggestion is to modify the Drupal variable x_frame_options before the drupal_deliver_html_page is called.
I did this (and it works like charme) via page_delivery_callback_alter, where I set the variable to FALSE under certain satisfited conditions (i.e. the page is requested from a whitelist domain).

Hope this help.

Requisiti pubblicazione app su Android store

Di seguito una raccolta delle immagini e info necessarie a sottoporre un’app Android nell’Android store.

Occorrono i seguenti testi

  1. Titolo (max 30 caratteri)
  2. Descrizione breve (max 80 caratteri)
  3. Descrizione completa (max 4000 caratteri)

Occorrono le seguenti immagini tenendo conto delle indicazioni di Google a riguardo, che riporto di seguito:

Predefinita: Italiano – it-IT
JPEG o PNG a 24 bit (non alfa). Lunghezza minima di qualsiasi lato: 320 px. Lunghezza massima di qualsiasi lato: 3840 px.
Sono richiesti almeno 2 screenshot totali. Massimo 8 screenshot per tipo. Trascina per riordinare o per cambiare tipo.

Tenuta presente questa condizione, bisogna produrre:

  1. Icona ad alta risoluzione
    Predefinita: Italiano – it-IT
    512 x 512
    PNG a 32 bit (con alfa)
  2. Banner in primo piano
    Predefinita: Italiano – it-IT
    1024 l x 500 a
    JPG o PNG a 24 bit (non alfa)
  3. Immagine promozionale
    Predefinita: Italiano – it-IT
    180 l x 120 a
    JPG o PNG a 24 bit (non alfa)
  4. Banner TV
    Predefinita: Italiano – it-IT
    1280 l x 720 a
    JPG o PNG a 24 bit (non alfa)

Semmai non lo sapessi con alfa si intende la trasparenza.

Inoltre sono da fornire queste ulteriori informazioni, alcune delle quali obbligatorie:

  • Video promozionale
    Predefinita: Italiano – it-IT
    Video di YouTube
    Inserisci un URL
  • Tipo di applicazione (a scelta tra “applicazione” e “gioco”)
  • Categoria (a scelta in una lista)
  • Sito web
  • Email
  • Telefono
  • Link alla pagina relativa alla privacy


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Esempio di file config.rb per sass scss

Un appunto per conservare il file config.rb, che dà istruzioni al preprocessore Sass di come compilare il css.

Per maggiori informazioni su come funziona, casomai non fossero chiari i commenti in lingua inglese (le righe che cominciano con ‘#’ sono identificate come commenti dal compilatore che le ignora) presenti nel file, sono reperibili facilmente online. La documentazione ufficiale è un valido punto di inizio.

List directories with php and compare them

Sometimes it’s important to quickly highlight differences between two folders structure.

It could happen expecially when you are obliged to work on cheap environments, without console and you need to understand if there are differences among your local filesystem and the remote one.

You can copy the script in each directory and naming it scandir.php, than reach it by browser at the url http://path-to-your-base-folder/scandir.php.

In this way you have just executed the script, do it on each environment directory and occasionally compare them.

To compare there are Notepad++, git diff, WinMerge and plenty of open source tools.

Scandir is a php function, check it, I have wrote this code using an example I found there.