Translate a Drupal 7 custom module via l10n_update

It is really a big deal to manage translations of custom module in Drupal 7 expecially if you have a multisite installation.


We want use a .po file to translate a custom module programmatically, i.e. without forcing a redactor to do dangerous manual operations.

Furthermore we want have our module always accompained by its translations.


First of all we need to have l10n_update module installed.

Than we can declare the hook “l10n_update_projects_alter” which allow to set a remote path where the .po file is hosted.

Normally the path should be a remote, indipendent one, but in most cases we would like to have the .po file inside the website itself (i.e. not a separeted environment).

Take a look to the code below in which I declare a .po file that is in the module folder, in particular in “translations” subfolder.

As you can see the file name contains the parameter %language. In this case the filename would be ModuleName.LanguageCode.po.

Furthermore with the following snippet, I have manually (i.e. programmatically) forced the module to update its translations.

The .po files have been extracted thanks to Translation Template Extractor.